Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Austerlitz 2009 continued

More photos from the re-enactment. Again, apologies for the less than spectacular photography - I did ask for an idiot proof camera when I bought mine, but that does mean it's not equipped with the most powerful of lenses. Anyway, better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick (I hope!)

Preparing for the attack.

When the skirmishers can't stop them...

...it's time to plug the hole in the line.

"For what you are about to receive..."

Although the Austrian line disappears behind a wreath of smoke

The French come on "in the same old fashion", well, it works!

Cavalry on the flanks of the attack.
The attack goes in

It looks touch and go for a while, but it's sound and fury signifying...

...nothing; the Allies hold and the French are forced to retire.
The French fall back to remove that disruption.

While they do so the French guns open up again.


The Austrians prepare for the next attack...

... as do their Russian allies.

Redressing the ranks.

Some Grognards - veterans of Italy and Egypt?

The French line is now reorganised.

And the Allies are ready to meet them again.

More later and I'll put up some piccies of the 2005 show - snow, burning villages and many more participants.

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