Monday, 5 March 2012

French Artillery, 10th Co, 6th FA Regt.

It has come as somewhat of a surprise to me to realise that for a blog named after Austerlitz there has been little if any Napoleonic posting going on, what with all the SAGA and SYW stuff. So it's time to fix that. I do paint Napoleonics as well ...

This is a battery I painted up not too long ago. Although the guns are finished, I still have to add on the limbers and train, and the hangers-on. Ever since I saw one of Barry Hilton's batteries for R2E I have been wanting to do the same with mine. I have some suitable figures and I've made a start on painting them up, so I hope in the next month or so they might get done, but with so many other "more important" things needing to be done first I'm not sure I'll be able to sneak them in. The figures are Foundry and are in the old pre-1812 regulations uniform.

The whole battery

The battery from behind

You can see the ruts from the guns running back here, which have filled with water. If only these were in the later uniform they'd be perfect for Waterloo! They are in fact going to be used as  10th Co, 6th FA Regt. for my Waterloo project. I will get round to replacing them eventually, but not until I have every unit I want painted up, wrong uniform or not. 

Gun ready

The howitzer

Looking at the pictures, some of them look a bit chalky. I hope it's just dust, they don't look like that to me "in the flesh". Perhaps it's just my less than stellar photography skills...

Anyway, the next battery will be a foot battery by the Perry brothers. I really wish Victrix would do a French artillery set; I'm sure it would  be a great seller - and I have more than a few more batteries to do for the master plan ...

As usual, comments and criticism welcome.


  1. If its not dust it will mean you will have to re-varnish them, and they will look as good as new again.

  2. Great looking battery! Excellent work.

  3. I think the dust makes them look better, black boots get dirty when you play outside.

  4. Great looking battery!!

    One little bit of advice. I'd paint an iron black (or same the color as the wheel tires) over the barrel trunnions. There was an iron metal strap that went over the barrel trunnions to keep the barrel from jumping off the carriage when the gun fired.

    God bless,
    John Tyson

  5. Nice figures, a good work!

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