Wednesday, 8 February 2012

IR19 - WIP

Despite having a fair few distractions, I have managed to start work on my SYW project by painting the first 6 figures in  IR19 Markgraf Carl. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have decided to choose regiments on the basis of having an interesting mix of facings and colours. IR19 has an interesting set of colours with a Maltese cross, and I have the added interest of having seen the originals in the Heeresgeslichtliches Museum in Vienna. The waistcoat and breeches are also straw rather than white so this has given me the chance to try getting the colour "right" there. I used the two darker colours of the Foundry Canvas triad, and then washed with GW Gryphonne Sepia to give a bit more depth of colour. I think it's come out ok. I also had to paint on the collar as the Foundry figures without lapels come without collars too. I didn't actually realise (well, ok - look) until I'd started painting, or I might have tried some greenstuff to make collars, but I am happy enough with the result. I have not bothered with the shoulder straps - so sue me!

Anyway, painting the figures has made me realise that I still have a load of unanswered questions, so I'll be posting on TMP later in the hope of getting some answers. Here is what I have done so far; if you see any glaring errors, please let me know. Bear in mind that the figures are not finished yet. I have yet to tidy up and highlight the black,  the buttons on the gaiters are unpainted, and I seem to have completely disregarded the fact that the tip of the scabbard should be brass. Luckily they are all quick fixes.

If we have a look at a close up, it'll show the areas which I am not too sure about...

Not being able to find out about sword knots is driving me crazy. I know that it's a small detail (like the shoulder straps) but I don't care - I want to know. I can't seem to find anything on Kronoskaf, Mollo and my Greenwood & Ball reprint don't have anything either. So, do I buy the Pengel & Hurt (I hate the (dis)organisation of the ones I have about the Russian and Austrian armies) or do I splash out on Englemann & Dorn? I am also making assumptions about buttons - I have interpreted "white" as white metal and painted them a pewter colour. Would that be right?

Here I have more "problems".  The musket sling should be red - I have seen many very bright reds on peoples' figures on the net, but I can't quite believe that this was the case. I have painted them terracotta, and given them a wash of GW Baal Red. It looks ok to me - but perhaps someone who has actually seen a sling might be able to put me right. The next problem is the cartouche. I'd read in Greenwood & Ball that the plate was in brass, but then I noticed this:

As can clearly be seen in the bottom right, the cartouche plate is in silver. Was this just a special feature of the I. Leibgarde, or were all cartouche plates in the "colour" of the regiment's buttons? Enquiring minds wish to know (well, this one does at least).

Finally, I have the problem of basing. With units of 24, I have 18 privates, 1 officer, 1 sergeant, 2 ensigns, a drummer and a fifer. The question is how to base them. I want to have 4 45mm x 40mm bases of 6 figures, but I have a feeling that overloading the command base with 5 or even all 6 of the command figures will look horribly unbalanced. How do others get around this?

On an unrelated note, I have just taken delivery of my first ever Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes - unfortunately too late to do most of these figures. Oh. My. Word. I've been using Foundry, Army Painter, GW and able brushes from |Maelstrom Games up to now. No longer. The paint actually goes exactly where you want it to! And you can load the brush up with paint without getting a huge blob of it anywhere. I wish I'd bought some years ago; quite simple, astounding!

As always, thanks for looking, and comments, suggestions, criticism and advice most welcome.

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  1. A great start, very nice looking figures! Windsor and Newton brushes are excellent, a bit more expensive but if you look after them they'll last a long time!!