Thursday, 2 February 2012

Scheltrum Miniatures

Last year at Salute I got to play SAGA. It just confirmed that my Dark Age project was what I wanted to do, so in addition to my Gripping Beast figures, I trawled the hall, looking for some terrain pieces to buy, as I had little in the way of appropriate table decoration. In addition to the Architects of War pig sty and some more stuff from GB, a stall run by Scheltrum Miniatures caught my eye. Well, I'd never heard of them before (they do have a website at, but it doesn't really do them any favours), but I liked what I saw, and decided to add some stuff to my pile of purchases.

I picked up these terrain pieces, along with a couple of the houses in the range (which I have yet to paint up). Both are painted mainly with craft paints and a few oils. These are a little different from the run-of the-mill A Frame houses provided by most manufacturers and I think add a bit of character to the table. See what you think.

First up is the cookhouse. I'm not sure the "kiln" is the right colour, and I don't like the thatch - it's not grey enough - but I'm pretty happy with it otherwise. I added some Vallejo pigments for soot and ash which I think worked out ok.

Next the latrine. This is my favourite piece of terrain ever! It's just so ... I don't know, cheeky. This really was an age when men were men - there's no way I'd be happy using these "facilities" in the dead of winter (I type this as it's -21 outside with wind chill, so I know what I'm talking about). No weathering here as I think you can take things a bit too far...

So there you go. I hope these are of interest - I like them and I don't think they have the exposure they deserve.


  1. Lovely painting and very nice terrain pieces. I´ve looked at thier site..some really good stuff and the prices are good as well.