Tuesday, 10 January 2012

1st Cuirassiers - WIP

I don't really have much time this week for painting, we have a new member of staff at the Faculty with whom I'm sharing courses so that needs to be sorted out and there are one or two other things going on as well that are conspiring to keep me away from the painting table. I also don't and can't paint at the speed of some of those whose blogs I follow, so that means if I only get an hour here or there, not a lot gets done.

I am determined to keep this blog up and running though, so I shall make posts even when I don't have a "finished product" as it were. Here's a WIP - hopefully having it up on the blog will motivate me to finish the next 6 figures at least. I'll need 18 for Lasalle but I'll probably paint at least 6 more for R2E. That seems a long way off at the moment though...

So here they are, Mesdames et Monsieurs, the 1st Cuirassiers so far:

Since I am doing the 1815 campaign I decided to paint the trumpeter still in Bourbon livery, as per the Osprey and  the Cent Jours website. The epaulettes have no fringe in the Osprey, and red ones on the website; I have compromised by doing neither until I can find out one way or the other! I also intend to paint another trumpeter stand in Imperial livery to use in 1814 and before. The lovely flag, which you can't see unfortunately, is by GMB, the figures Perry plastics of course.

Flocking will wait until I have a load to do - but otherwise, these are pretty much done now. Perhaps this post will spur me on to get them finished at last.


  1. Looking good so far, and those Perry cavalry sets are very nice!

    Good luck with your projects, blogs are only so good if they help you enjoy your hobby. :-)

  2. Very nice- how many to a unit, in Lasalle?

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Simon, Lasalle is more concerned with number of bases than figures, there usually being 4 to a unit, but cuirassiers are counted as large units and therefore are 6. Since I have chosen 60mm as my standard base width, I can get 3 mounted figures per "base", which means 18 for cuirassiers and 12 for Hussars etc. I'm basing my infantry in a non-standard way, using 3 real bases for 2 nominal ones (mainly for use in other games) which means 36 infantry (plus skirmishers and 3 on figures a command base that plays no role but looks good) in a standard unit and I guess 48 in a large one.

  4. Thanks Chris, I'd assumed cavarly units were in 4 bases of 2, but I can see how you got to 18, now!

    I'm also basing on a consistent frontage for potential use with Lasalle (haven't really read the rules yet, but hear good things about them). I'm hoping that I'll be able to use my 6-element infantry units (36) and 12 element cavalry units (24), with it. Cavalry will be drawn up 2 ranks deep.

    Cheers, Simon