Tuesday, 31 January 2012

SAGA quick dip

In a desperate attempt to clear the painting queue so that I can make a proper start on my SYW project, I finally got around to painting the archers I'm intending to use as 1 point of Levy for my Saxon warband for SAGA. These were what was effectively for me "speed painted" in a couple of hours (not including drying time) and unfortunately it shows; I won't be making that mistake again. I had already made the decision to dip everything for this project anyway, as it's only a side project and the Dark Ages lend themselves to dark and stained clothes, but  I was in a rush with the Army Painter dip on these before shooting off to work and didn't do things properly. I also need to keep my work stations tidier as I am sure that 50% of the problems just come from the mess I manage to generate.

So, I brushed the dip on and brushed it off again - but not so successfully. I'm not overly worried; I have just re-watched The Raven Flies and The Shadow of the Raven and the costume departments must have had a field day working all that grime into things! Even so, it is a little irritating, as you can see blotches of dip where they shouldn't be...

So here are all the fyrd archers together. They are a mix of Gripping Beast and Black Tree Design.

I'm also experimenting with basing - I may have gone a bit overboard with the flowers... Here are the first 4, note the big splodge of dip on the left-hand archer's tunic. I'll have to do something about that later.

The second group came out a bit better, I think.

Just look at the size of the bow hand on this guy though: I put the flowers on the base in an attempt to draw the eye away from what must be the biggest pair of hands in early Christendom! His hand is bigger than his head!

Last group:

I like this lot best - especially the one on the right. He really reminds me of Grim in Shadow of the Raven.

Since I'm posting this I thought I'd add some pictures of my (mad?) axe wielding Huscarls and one of my two Saxon lords. Also dipped, but a little bit more time taken over them (I hope it shows!).

The huscarls. There are 9 of them as two were in the same pose, so I added a plastic one so as to have 8 different poses.

Gorgeous shield transfers by LBMS:

Now I have worked out how to use the camera well enough to take a semi-decent picture, I'll have to get the rest of my SAGA stuff photographed. For example, I have a couple of terrain pieces from Scheltrum that I don't think many people have seen, and which are definitely worth taking a look at. I'll try and get that done over the next couple of days.

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